26 August 2009

It's the evening of another day

I'm so tired. The son kept me up after midnight chatting. I suffer this willingly, I admit: he's 15-1/2 and he still talks to me. Voluntarily. There is no way I can squander that, not after reading about yet another teen suicide up north, not when I knew 4 boys who committed suicide while we were in high school.

But I did request that maybe he schedule his heart-to-hearts for a little earlier in the day. He laughed, completely good-naturedly, and agreed.

So I'm yawning.

The bonus for you is that I'll have to put off swine flu. But seriously, there is so much misunderstanding surrounding the report that was just released that I do feel like there's stuff that needs to be addressed, especially after reading some of the truly dopey and misinformed comments on news reports. A key talking point: people! You aren't immune to a flu that attacks pigs! And yeah, I'm studiously avoiding references to human pigs here...I wrote a rebuttal to a comment this morning that thank God I did not post. Something about the effects of the virus on Neanderthals not being known yet, and the fewer people like him that didn't get immunized, the faster the overall IQ in California would increase.

It really wasn't very nice. Even if I only thought it.

Just be grateful pigs can't fly.

Anyway! That's for when I'm awake.

So despite lack of sleep, it was off early to Big Office Rip-Off Store...er, Superstore. (They really did rip me off on the back-up hard drive I bought).

*counts to 10*

Anyway, I bought everything on the list for school supplies, plus whatever I could anticipate since I'm experienced in this game. This is what our (very expensive private) school does: sends home a list prior to the start of school, and then after about three weeks, the kids start coming home panicked because they need Item X tomorrow, and the teachers are irritated that none of the kids have Item X yet!

Because you didn't tell me they needed it until NOW.

(As a matter of fact, to a limited extent, I can read minds. But quantities of poster board usually doesn't enter into it.)

And the books. No one gives the parents the literature list until the kids need the books yesterday! Let's panic and raid Barnes and Noble!

*counts to 20*

Next post: Why homeschooling looks so attractive...

*excuses self to go count to 30*

Hmmm, I'm going to go investigate the sunset.

Go listen to some good music: "Some Other Time" from the album I Robot by The Alan Parsons Project. No, really, it's ok. I'm happy! The sunset was beautiful because, unfortunately, fire season has started early--and it's supposed to be upwards of 100F tomorrow. The "grr argh" was mostly for effect--I've played this game of disorganization and school supplies for so long that now I just treat it with resignation even though, YES, I RESENT BEING TRANSFERRED THREE TIMES when I had to call the son's school on Monday and heard "Oh, we made a mistake and he'll get his schedule the day he starts school," which is a giant WTF for what we pay--and uh, yeah, I'm still working on the daughter's computer... But really, It's All Good.

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