17 July 2009

Viva la vida

Last November, I decided I'd go see Coldplay when they passed through Orange County, but my children got wind of this idea, and decided they needed to go, too. Of course, finding 3 tickets together at that point was impossible (the spouse declined to participate, because it was a school night and he's not particularly fond of Coldplay. The spouse is not particularly fond of most of the music I listen to).

So, I abandoned that idea, as I've had to abandon so many of my plans in the last nine months.

Well, of course, Coldplay is on the tour of the century or something, and they're back, this Sunday, at my favorite outdoor venue, Irvine Meadows. And I have tickets for everybody, the spouse having decided he wanted to go, too. The daughter, who is so very 12, has conceived a mad passion for Chris Martin (along with the passions for Orlando Bloom, David Tennant...I can't even keep up with the current list. I just know that it includes no JoBros). I can't blame anyone but myself for all this since I brought Coldplay into the house in the first place.

(The son, meanwhile, has purloined every Rush t-shirt he can get his hands on, and no one would ever think to credit me for that, either...)


My entire family showed up to throw their opinions of this post into the ring.

"What do you mean I'm so 12 years old?" asked the daughter in high dudgeon.

"I don't dislike most of the music you like!" said the spouse, indignantly.

"Yeah, but you like Ted Nougat," the daughter told him accusingly.

"And you hate REM, and you always turn off Coldplay," I reminded him.

"But I like the New P*rnographers!" the spouse protested.

"He goes to Rush concerts with you," said the son.

"One per tour," I noted.

"I'm being singled out for punishment!" the spouse pouted.

"Hmmph!" snorted the daughter and stomped off to her room.

"Well, I only get one line," sighed the son.

Viva la vida.

Go listen to some good music: "Viva La Vida" from the album Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Yup, I was typing all that while they were complaining. I'm probably the last of the generation who learned touch typing on a typewriter, and my speed is still pretty good. And it's important to point out that I'm very careful about what I write about my family and they all gave this their blessing. Well, the daughter is still snorting like an annoyed horse...she is so very 12, after all.

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