12 July 2009

Tangled up in blue

Poor Jorge Posada. I've got to believe that he dreads playing the Angels. Five years ago, he got his nose broken while trying to get to second base. Friday night, he and Chone Figgins ended up in a crazy dance at home plate after Figgins popped the ball up and then fell over backward while watching its flight.

Photo from mlb.com

Ultimately, Posada lost his glove but still caught the ball barehanded, making the out and ending the inning. What makes me laugh, however, is the look on his face afterward.

Photo from mlb.com

To really get the full effect, though, you have to watch the video from MLB.com, which is here. It was a pretty amazing catch.

Although this may not have been one of Figgins' more stellar moments (if one of his more hilarious), I sincerely wish he'd been voted to the All-Star Game. He is a player who really earned a spot on that team--his numbers have been great this year--and I'm sad that he was overlooked. He's been one of my favorite Angels since he joined the team so many years ago, one of those players who is really a joy to watch.

It was nice to see the Angels sweep the Yankees this weekend.

Correction: Amezaga didn't pop Posada at home but in New York. I've always liked Posada for the way he handled that situation, accepting Amezaga's on field apology with no reservation. I cannot imagine how agonizing that injury must have been.

Go listen to some music: "Tangled Up in Blue" from the album Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan.

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