10 July 2009

Summertime blues

This is evidently the summer of the migraine. With all that's gone on in the last year, I could really do without that, too.


At any rate, the Orange County Fair starts today, and we will head out to visit it tonight. The first night is usually the best in our experience, and it's been a few years since we've gone, given our more recent predilection for wandering around Norwegian hillsides in the summer.

The daughter is quivering with excitement. Of course. That child has always loved the fair, since the bygone days when I took her in her stroller. She is 12 now, so excitement over bunnies, chickens and funnel cakes won't last forever.

Or it will. I'm still mostly charmed by it. There are vegetables. There are actual farmers. There are 4-H kids who talk with affection and humor about the critters they've raised, knowing full well where those critters are going after the fair is finished. There are carneys and creepy clown faces. There is truly appalling food--the things those people FRY! There is often dreadful entertainment and sometimes fun entertainment. There are PLACE SETTINGS! Yes, there are people who design place settings. As a competition. I love it, and I'm not being facetious. Much anyway, because it's good amusement value.

(Ok, I pretty much won't eat at the fair with the possible exception of corn on the cob roasted on a grill. I really dislike greasy food, and though everyone assumes I'm just being so holy and healthy, it's not a health-conscious thing. It's a texture thing. Grease just tastes like slime to me, even if there is a Snickers bar or some dough in there somewhere, and I find it quite literally stomach turning. My family is in no such way troubled by these issues, so I let them have at it. It's only once a year. Also, I don't do Ferris wheels or rollercoasters. But I'm more than happy to lead the charge into the livestock pens. And, of course, PLACE SETTINGS!)

Summer has been, of necessity and by request, quiet thus far. I offered up a trip to Hawaii as a vacation option, and the kids just sort of shook their heads. They have been sleeping late into the morning, still just growing children, which I tend to forget. They've discovered TV and their new favorite show is reruns of The Golden Girls. I've become more rigorous about additional chores, preaching that it's as important for them to know how to clean a house as it is for them to learn to cook their own meals. They like the cooking. Cleaning toilets perhaps not so much.

Yesterday, I took them for a walk, a small hike, down the channel trail, where they'd never been before. It was hot and dry, but there were butterflies and the son spotted a Nuttall's woodpecker on a eucalyptus. It was not pecking so much as prodding the crevices already in evidence, secure in its activity, unconcerned by our presence.

It was somehow reassuring.

Go listen to some good music: "Summertime Blues" written by Eddie Cochran and Jerry Capehart. This song was first recorded by Eddie Cochran and then covered by everyone from the Beach Boys to Rush. Definitely something summertime.

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