02 July 2009


The fireworks started last night.

The 'hood is starting to anticipate the annual 4 July apocalyptic bash. My week has been somewhat discombobulated, so it only occurred to me yesterday that a) I must go grocery shopping (sigh) and b) I need to think about what I'm taking to the potluck.

As I've pointed out, this place is a non-stop party, the holiday dinner and 4th of July being the most obvious symptoms of a larger disease process, but on any given day you see people trailing about with bottles of wine or swim suits or frisbees or just standing in the middle of the street socializing. And for all that I am an introvert, I still enjoy watching them, all children great and small.

The holiday dinner is for the adults, so when July 4, rolls around, it's really an all singing, all dancing, all ages event. As I noted last year, it's all holidays for 100 years rolled into one. The son, at nearly 15-1/2, is now taking a rather jaundiced view of the whole affair (ok, not the pancake breakfast), but the daughter is already quivering with excitement. Because, you know...chocolate chips. On the pancakes.

(Do I put chocolate chips on MY pancakes? Of course! However, I'm assured it is simply not the same. Mostly because I am not DR, gentleman owner of many tiny cars with lawnmower engines, and somehow his pancakes are just cooler than mine. Maybe because DR is only as tall as the daughter. I don't know. I do know, however, that the daughter feels compelled to comment, a little bitterly, on the fact that I never go to the pancake breakfast. What did Rauch say about introverts? Hell is other people at breakfast? Yup.)

This is the place that I must state categorically that I'm really fond of most of my neighbors.

Usually, I contribute hummus to the potluck, and probably will this year. I make my own and it is quite simple and excellent. Last year, I sent the leftovers to C.'s house--they do the July 5th party--and she told me that her teen sons and their friends devoured it overnight.

What? You think I'm kidding that there is a July 5th party?

Go listen to some music: "Celebration" from the album The Very Best of Kool & the Gang by Kool & the Gang.

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