31 July 2009

Another world

Qaqortoq, Greenland
July 2008

The daughter is deep into creating another stop-motion video with her Joes, and we talked about the idea of green screen for some of the more dramatic things she wished to do. So she set to immediately, creating a green screen on her bedroom wall with the copious quantities of green construction paper I seem to have lying about, and then demanded copies of some of the photographs I took of the sea last summer because she wanted to use them as the background in her video. Thus we ended up going through all the hundreds of photos I have from that trip, and I came across this, taken from a hillside in Qaqortoq.

"I loved all the brightly colored houses," the daughter mused, gazing at the photos.

"I want to go back to Scotland," said the son.

"I want to live in Scotland," the daughter announced.

The idea has a certain appeal.

Go listen to some good music: "Another World" from the album Arrive Without Traveling by The Three O'Clock.

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