03 June 2009

Wake up, stop dreaming

I was carefully considering a player trade and had just moved the cardboard marker to another square when the huge booming noise came.

"Stop that," I thought irritably, and picked up another cardboard marker, though I couldn't quite tell which player was on it.

The booming started again, and I opened my eyes as a huge flash of light illuminated the bedroom. The cat leapt up on the bed and then took off running for God knows where as the whole house shook with the next bang.

"Nobody said anything about thunder," I groused out loud.

"Yeah, what the hell?" came the spouse's voice.

"It was clear when I checked. And besides I was in the middle of a trade," I said.

"It was...you were what?" he asked.

"Erm..." I replied, realizing that the post I finished just before I went to bed had obviously wandered into my dreams.

Flash BANG!

Followed by boom boom boom, which was the son thundering up the hallway.

"Mommmmmeeeeeee," he wailed. "What's going on?"

"Didn't you get the memo? We're evidently having a thunderstorm."

"It's 2:15 in the morning," he replied, reasonably.

Damn, I thought, I've only been asleep for an hour?

Eventually, the son was persuaded to return to bed (the daughter slept through the whole thing, and this morning was astonished to learn we'd all been up partying without her). The cat was last heard trying to dig through the floorboards to China and I eventually drifted off to sleep once more.

Although we had stunning thunderstorms in Arizona when I was growing up--often daily in the summer--they are fairly rare for us here. The inland deserts certainly get them, but I can only think of a few times in all the 20-odd years I've lived in Southern California that we've had one. It is sufficiently unusual that it was deemed front page news for the local newspaper (something along the lines of County Awakened By Rare Thunderstorm!). It hasn't rained much, but I certainly don't mind the odd weather. Tropical gloom makes a nice change from June gloom, and the cool breeze and overcast is pleasant compared with the dank fug of summer fog.

Go listen to some music: "Wake Up, Stop Dreaming" by Wang Chung from the soundtrack To Live and Die in L.A. I cannot believe my 500th post is about the weather. I cannot believe that my random writing of last night made it into my dreams.

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