21 June 2009

Tired of sleeping

First day of summer.

Consider this as double meaning, but really, this has dragged on long enough (not summer, of course. That only just started. I'm willing to give it a chance). While I'm generally referring to the plague of...what? Negativity, malaise, fear, uncertainty...that has been bothering nearly everyone I know for almost a year, I'm very specifically referring to this blasted plague that took over my body nearly a week ago. And I am tired of sleeping. And coughing. And sneezing. And headache. And congestion. And all the rest of it.

And I must be on the mend because DAMN! am I cranky.

Go listen to some good music: "Tired of Sleeping" from the album Days of Open Hand by Suzanne Vega. I won't pretend I know precisely what she's talking about in this song; there frequently seems to be a vein of madness that runs through her lyrics. But if ever there were an apt description of some of the dreams I've been having lately... And no, I wasn't kidding when I said it felt like I have lungs full of Quikrete.

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