17 June 2009

Subterranean homesick alien

My beloved daughter has given me her disease, and I woke this morning after yet another night of vivid and horrific nightmares, with a sore throat and hacking cough and sneezes that rattled the neighbors' windows.

(These have been the very best sort of nightmares, the kind that are so detailed that you can practically smell the room you're in, and that once you finally wake from it, you go right back where you left off when you return to sleep. And try to forget them once day arrives? Ha!)

Endings and beginnings, oh my.

And beginning is never easy, is it?

Go listen to some good music: "Subterranean Homesick Alien" from the album OK Computer by Radiohead. Why this song? Longing. Because not all the old goes to make way for the new. And I'm just ill enough not to be entirely sure what I'm talking about. Or I'm just ill enough to be completely sure of what I'm talking about.

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