12 June 2009

My own worst enemy (new and improved!)

Let's try this again:

Last week of school, so the son had finals all week, and the daughter finished finals and promptly came down with swine flu (or something. At any rate, she kept me up all night Wednesday because her cough was so horrid and I was plying her with steam). The spouse was supposed to go off on the Soaring Rodent Boat Cruise, but didn't know if he'd be beckoned to testify in a case, so he's missed the fun fest.

On the last day of school, I always treat the kids to something. Sometimes we have a last-day-of-school picnic. This year, the daughter wanted ice cream sundaes, so I bought a load of things like nuts and toppings and cherries and so on. Of course, the bagger at the store didn't put the whipped cream into my bag, and when I opened the container of fudge sauce, something was clearly seriously wrong with it.

I'm plenty annoyed about a lot of things right now, but the fudge sauce was easily remedied.

This afternoon, the son and daughter were mooching around--I think the daughter had been out of school for all of two hours--and they both had that look, and I told them sternly that the first one who said, "I'm bored" would seriously wish s/he hadn't.

A bit later, I walked into the son's room and he was wandering around aimlessly, humming, and he looked at me and said defensively, "Well, I'm bored."

Then he realized what he'd said, and the look on his face said it all.

Fudge sauce is relatively easy to make. The most difficult part is that you have to stand at the stove stirring for 25 minutes while the mixture thickens.

"Look at it this way," I told the son while he stirred. "You can tell all the girls that you know how to make hot fudge sauce from scratch. You will rock."

He was actually rather thrilled about the whole thing, especially when everyone was eating their sundaes after dinner, pronouncing the fudge sauce "excellent!"

Go listen to some good music: "My Own Worst Enemy" from the album A Place in the Sun by Lit. What am I hacked off about? Bad behaviour on the Internet (endemic): bloggers plagued by plagiarism, by content scrapers, by their service providers, and the nasty people who plague online communities, making those of us who are nice, normal people look suspect, too. People tease me about being too innocent and too naive, but there is just some stuff I'd rather not know.

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