18 May 2009

All shook up

If you were in the greater Los Angeles area last night, Sunday, May 17, the USGS wants to hear from you. You can go to Did You Feel It? and answer a few quick questions about where you were and what you felt--if anything--when last night's little quake hit. You are not required to divulge any personal information, just the zip code where you were located, whether you were indoors or outdoors, and the like. There is the option to add your phone number, but it's not necessary. Your responses will be aggregated with those of others in your zip code and it helps to give a more complete picture of how different neighborhoods felt the shock.

Okay, that's the PSA for the day. I'm operating on two hours sleep right now (nothing to do with the earthquake) and need to sign off.

Tomorrow, we can talk about why it's a bad idea for WHO to change its swine flu assessment.

Or I can just go mess around in my garden and wait for the next round of Armageddon.

Go listen to some music: "All Shook Up," famously performed by Elvis Presley. Remember, disaster is my life.

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