23 April 2009

(There'll be a) Hot time in the old town tonight

The Tucson newspaper is abuzz with the fact that the University of Arizona stadium will host a concert sometime soon, the first concert to be held in the stadium since August 27, 1977.

I was at that 1977 concert, which was headlined by Fleetwood Mac, which makes me feel a bit old, even if I was younger than the son at the time.

It was so hot that day (tends to be in Tucson in August), and my mother made my brother (younger!) and his friend DC (also younger) go with me. Though four or five bands played, the Mac was definitely the highlight. So much so that when the spouse asked if I wanted to see them this tour, I declined--rare is the band I'll see more than once.

Nonetheless, a very fun evening. If I remember correctly, the Tucson recording of one of the songs Fleetwood Mac did that night ended up on a live album at a later date.

The Angels game is, of course, on in the background. If you follow baseball at all, you probably have some idea of what the team has been dealing with this season, particularly with regard to the pitching staff. But tonight the cameras just caught a moment of pure hilarity: Vlad Guerrero carefully dropping sunflower seeds on the unsuspecting cap of Darren Oliver, who remained blissfully unaware as he talked to (I think) Joe Saunders. And then Vlad went back to eating his sunflower seeds with a tiny smirk as the camera zoomed in on the top of Mr. Oliver's head. It was a little chuckle we needed.

Heh, Figgy just laid down a perfect bunt; Matthews and Kendrick score...

Go listen to some music: "(There'll Be a) Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" from the album Auld Lang Syne by Guy Lombardo.

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