30 March 2009

Dance in smarty pants (ooo-AH!)

Last week, out of the blue, the spouse made reference to Arty Smartypants' seminal song "Dance in Smarty Pants," from WGBH's educational kids' show Between the Lions. If you didn't have little ones in the early part of the century, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Sadly for you, through the magic of YouTube, allow me to introduce you to the earworm I've suffered from for the last three days.

I found this video tonight, and played it for the kids. The daughter was a big fan of the show when she was very tiny, and immediately began to sing along. The son appeared and murmured, "I remember this. It is messed up."

As is my wont, I reworked the words countless times over the weekend (mostly for the cat: variations on "dance in kitty pants") and finally, tonight, the spouse said, "I am so sorry that I reminded you about that song."

So am I. Oh, so am I.

Go listen to some questionable music: "Dance in Smarty Pants" from the TV show Between the Lions. A very catchy little tune, so very catchy that I may have to go visit Disneyland and ride Small World several thousand times to get it out of my brain.

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