06 February 2009

One more river

I suppose there isn't much point in worrying about whether the feed is working if I'm not feeding the feed.

(My stats aren't quite working, but that's a surprise).

Anyway, my life tends toward the chaotic side--organized chaos to be sure, but chaos nonetheless. And lately...yeesh. I've things to write about, but not a lot of enthusiasm at the moment.

Still, it's raining (all to the good), and at the moment, the view from the window is a lot like the photo I took about a year ago that appears on the masthead.

Miles to go yet. Cake to be frosted. Gift to be wrapped. Card to be signed. Things to be done.

Is it any wonder I yearn for the occasional escape?

Go listen to some good music: "One More River" from the album Pyramid by The Alan Parson Project. One more river...one more month!

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