07 February 2009

Mice circus

Doesn't matter if you think it's scary (there were little tiny kids in the audience with us).

Doesn't matter if you think it's just for kids (there were unaccompanied adults in the audience with us).

Doesn't matter if you've read the book (okay, we were thrown by the addition of a character) or haven't.

Coraline is simply a beautifully made film.

And it's only out in 3D for three weeks--now minus a day.

The 3D effects were really well done (we saw it in Real D), and certainly didn't give me eye strain the way the old fashioned 3D movies did. My favorite scene was the mouse circus, which was cute and utterly creepy and just breathtaking.

It was also totally worth the evening to hear my daughter murmur "Wow!" when Coraline walks into the deserted garden at the beginning of the film.

While the film is visually magnificent, the story is a nice meditation on how warts and all can trump "perfect." And there are moments that are so funny. And one that is truly appalling in a very funny way.

Definitely a magical film.

Go listen to some good music: "Mice Circus" from the album Coraline (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Bruno Coulais.

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