10 February 2009

Burning hell

It is, of course, Science Fair season once again (my kids seem to get off the hook after a couple of years, but for me, the joy just never ends). No one gazing rapturously into my refrigerator this year, just me trying to prevent the daughter from spilling Lugols Iodine all over my kitchen.

(She's trying to determine the extent to which Vitamin C in various juices deteriorates with storage. Titration isn't quite an exact science at the sixth grade level, so we'll see what happens).

And somehow, the son has managed some racket whereby he is not in school Thursday, Friday or next Monday. Which means I am PAYING for him to be at home for three days straight.

Schools do not seem to get the idea that I don't appreciate this at all, and that I don't give a damn about their open houses (wherein my children's work is used as bait to lasso the next round of parents).

Yes, cranky still. Very.

With a refrigerator full of orange juice that is part of a mad scientist escapade.

Then there's the butternut squash.

For reasons I can't quite fathom, I have a half dozen butternut squash in my pantry. They keep appearing and I believe they might be multiplying spontaneously. I like squash just fine, butternut or acorn, and usually I just roast it and serve it with butter and sometimes maple syrup, sometimes salt and pepper.

The kids hate it for some reason. No matter how I serve it.

So naturally, squash are spontaneously spawning all over my kitchen.

In desperation (I have a thing about food waste), I searched "butternut squash cake."

Tons of recipes, most of which seem to be variations on a spice cake theme. It's going back to cold and rainy this weekend, which is always good for baking and spice cake. And squash is so good for you! So, let there be cake. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Go listen to some good music: "Burning Hell" from the album Dead Letter Office by REM. This wasn't meant to be a throw-away post, but suddenly, dear GOD, I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. Of course, not like me + tired = surprise.

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