16 January 2009

You move me

Administrative business:

Ok, it's official. Feedburner has notified me that I need to move my feed to their new service.

Those of you who access the blog directly should see no difference at all. Those of you who view the blog via a feedreader shouldn't either. Technically.

Oh me of little faith.

I probably won't initiate the change until later this weekend. I will have to make sure that this won't affect those of you who come here via feedage.com. If anyone runs into any problems after say, Sunday, please feel free to contact me at OutOfTh3Kitchen at gmail dot com.

And of course, you can always access the blog directly here. It's actually prettier there...

Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Go listen to some good music: "You Move Me" from the album 7 Day Weekend by The CS Angels.


Mark said...

If, for any reason, you do have trouble with people not finding your blog from Feedage.com, send me a mail (support @ feedage.com) and I will make sure it gets resolved.

Mark Savoca

guerrilla girl said...

Mark, thanks, I appreciate the proactive offer of assistance.

Hopefully, it will all work out fine.