04 January 2009

Welcome tomorrow

En guard! or on guard?
December 2008

As D. so eloquently put it:


The spouse said to me, "Doesn't New Year's feel anti-climatic?"

Somehow the whole holiday felt that way. Endurance rather than enjoyment. I kept trying to capture the spirit, but it just wasn't happening. And yet, the lights still sparkle on the tree in the living room and on the front of the house. When dropping off her daughter for a sleepover, J., who was also raised a Catholic, asked me sotto voce, how long I was going to keep them up.

"Why, until January 6!" I feigned surprise.

"Really?" she asked, with apparent disappointment. "It's a Tuesday. But my mother always says January 6!"

"I know," I said, relenting. "We're taking everything down on Sunday."

"Okay," she replied, sounding relieved.

(Actually, the outdoor lights came down today, but the indoor stuff is still up.)

I haven't written because there really is nothing to write. I'm still coughing up bits of lung, my teeth have been cleaned, I saw Valkyrie and not half of what I wanted to accomplish during the break has been done.

I will make time enough in January. I've got lists as long as my arm. First off, though, is getting everyone back to school, dealing with the last of Christmas (adieu, egregious sweater!), and preparing for a new year. New things to think about. New adventures.

New York.

End of the month, beginning of February. I've promised myself that much.

Go listen to some good music: "Welcome Tomorrow" from the album Earth Sun Moon by Love and Rockets.

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jeannette stgermain said...

sorry, Christmas was not as exciting as you wanted/expected it to be. For me, Christmas was great, cause i got to see all my grand kids, but New years morning was definitely anti-climactic - it was like I was dunked into reality, as you can read in my latest blog.
Nevertheless, let's take january in stride - i also have several (art) things waiting for me to be done. Cheers to 2009, jeannette