25 January 2009


The joys of home ownership are numerous and generally revolve around what is currently broken, what looks likely to break next, and of course, what is dirty, out of place or just needs to go.

Friday afternoon while I was making the kids cocoa after school--chilly rainy afternoons are the perfect time for cocoa--the can lights in the kitchen all simultaneously went out. For no apparent reason. Now, of course, I have to get an electrician in to see what the problem is.

Half the battle is finding a competent electrician. I've had three out here each of whom has been more trouble than he's been worth, including the lot who did the electrical in the kitchen to begin with.

Too many hands on my time.

Go listen to some music: "Electricity" from the album Organisation by OMD. Obviously, it's going to take some major effort to wrest myself out of here any time soon. And my frustration level is rising.

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