09 January 2009

Earthquake song

Last night we went to see STOMP at Segerstrom, and a little into the show, I felt the balcony bouncing. Now, I've attended many performances at Segerstrom from the Pacific Symphony to Cats, and I've never felt the balcony jumping up and down. We had season tickets for the kids' symphony program right in the same area. So, I started thinking about tossing the daughter over the railing behind us, which would put her right on the stairs and out the door.

I'm not overly nervous about earthquakes. I've been through plenty. From the 7.3 Landers to giving birth during a 5+ aftershock of the Northridge. Since we've moved down here, there have been regular rumbles under Yorba Linda, in the mid 4s. In fact, we've long played a game to determine the epicenter and magnitude before the official word comes out, which is a great way to stave off panic and treat the whole thing as an intellectual exercise (During Northridge, no way. I was 8+ months pregnant, and I was actually awake when it hit because I had to make regular 4 am trips to the bathroom. The only thing that kept me in bed that morning and not running like hell out the door was that I needed a crane to get up. Landers rolled (violently and forever), but Northridge felt as though a giant hand slammed our bed straight upward. And we were on bedrock!)


This is earthquake country; you live prepared for the inevitable (if you're smart, anyway, and yes, we do maintain earthquake supplies, and everyone should have an emergency kit, and yes, that means you! I wrote an emergency preparedness post several months ago, and I really should post it. Until I do, do yourself a favor and check out the Red Cross' disaster preparedness information. Fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, what have you, you need to be prepared to take care of yourself. If you actually are in an earthquake zone, you can read this. Or Google "earthquake preparedness." Plenty of info out there. End PSA.)

Okay, maybe I should just treat this post as one long digression...

So the balcony at Segerstrom was swaying, and yes! It was an earthquake. A small one and not terribly near by. But on a bad fault. When I showed the report to the spouse this morning, he said, "Oooooooh. Not good."

(Every day is a wake up call in California. Of course, he also said, "I hope that TBO (The Big One for you uninitiated) waits until Monday. I don't want it to spoil the weekend..." Typical geologist, and it just goes to show how much he's really worried that anything will happen (that would be not very much). And heck, he's right. This weekend is going to be bad enough with the return of the Santa Anas. We're supposed to get gusts of up to 80mph. Yup, I'm thrilled.)

Talk about a digression...my whole morning has been one.

The son just called me to tell me that his "good" (aka the one that hasn't been operated on) kneecap slipped in PE. Not a complete dislocation, but now I'm back on kneecap watch. My god. Every day is a wake up call at Haus of S. Maybe I should just haul him straight to the orthopedic surgeon...

STOMP? Plenty of fun. It was cute and family friendly, and the daughter laughed herself silly at the physical humor. Definitely percussive, but I liked the way they explored the texture of sound and rhythm as well. And one whole section reminded me of mad Taiko drummers...in a junkyard. Definitely a nice evening's entertainment.

Admittedly, coulda done without the earthquake.

It's always fun living in L.A.
Always a good show on somewhere
What more can I say
There's gonna be an earthquake

Go listen to some fun music: "Earthquake Song" from the album No More Vinyl by The Little Girls. Got to love a song with the lyric "Cause there's a building chasing me." Ye gods, now the fire department is tearing through the neighborhood. Did I fail to notice it's Friday the 13th or something?

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