16 January 2009


Scene: Night, outside the school. Throngs of junior high students are wandering around in search of parents, post winter formal dance.

Me: "Well, how was it?"

The daughter, grumpily: "It was terrible."

Me, a bit surprised: "Why? What happened?"

The daughter: "It was badly organized and the music was horrible."

Me: "Well, what was it?"

The daughter: "I don't know. It was just horrible."

Me: "Rap? The Jonas Brothers?"

The daughter just grunts.

On the drive home, she starts singing: "Applebottom jeans and boots..."

Me: "What is that?"

The daughter: "Some dumb song they played."

Then she starts to sing: "I can ride my bike with no handlebars..."

Me: "?"

The daughter: "Another song..."

Upon arrival home, she asked: "Can we download 'Disturbia?' That's a good song."

I demur, wondering if I have to worry about explicit versus clean lyrics: "We'll see."

The daughter: "You know, I requested a song and the dj never played it."

Me: "Well, sheesh. That's not very nice. What did you request?"

The daughter, sulkily: "I asked him to play 'Limelight.'"

Me: "'Limelight.' Really?"

The daughter: "I waited 10 songs and he never played it. I bet he didn't even know what it is."

Me: "I'll bet he doesn't."


In addition to being a Rush fan (junior division), and basketball diva, our geography wonder will take the qualifying test for the state level geographic bee next week. I'd confused this one with the national spelling bee (she'd been in competition for that as well).

Go listen to some music: "Disturbia" from the album Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded by Rihanna.

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