19 December 2008

Follow you follow me

I don't read too many blogs, but one of my favorites is that of author Neil Gaiman. I love his writing style, but his blogging style is superb: the right amount of chatty (you are likely to learn as much about his beehives as you are about the dog he rescued), the right amount of information (what he's working on, where he is), and links to anything.

(And if you've somehow missed reading Neil Gaiman, go get yourself a copy of Neverwhere. When in London last summer, the son and I kept elbowing each other: "Look! Shepherd's Bush! Earl's Court!" And that kid couldn't wait to get on the Underground...).

Mostly via his blog, the kids and I have been following the progress of the movie being made from his book Coraline (the audio version tends to be on heavy rotation on the daughter's CD player). The filmmakers have been sending out boxes to the blogs they have been following, and it's one of the coolest promotion/appreciations I've seen.

There is a lot of talk about the effect of blogging and other forms social media on the flow of information, the effects on brands and what not. I get a wee bit paranoid when I see the crawlers for social media monitoring companies in my feed...my first thought is always 'what are you reading? I don't say anything!' And it's true. I largely avoid naming brands and I seriously avoid certain names that are search terms. And I have reasons that go beyond the general joy I get from being a thorn in the side of those who would try to stick me in a neat little slot somewhere.

But back to the subject at hand: I have to say those boxes are one of the most positive outcomes of monitoring social media. What a spiff idea! Well played, Coraline people.

It also says something about not knowing who might be reading your blog. I've had a couple of startling moments when people have put me and this together. Or someone has seen this and then sent me an email saying, "Hey, I met you at..." I've learned to like the fact that people read my blog, I think; there can be a sense of reciprocity about it that is satisfying, but occasionally the realization that someone is going to read this shocks me into silence.

Go listen to some good music: "Follow You Follow Me" from the album Turn It On Again by Genesis. And with the sudden increase in feed subscriptions, welcome new readers. You can click through to the blog to comment, or email me at OutOfTh3Kitchen at gmail dot com.

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