24 November 2008

Underneath the bunker

Sauveur is hands down my favorite cooking magazine. I've gleaned so many wonderful recipes from it over the years, and just reading it is pure joy (but you must realize that I'm someone who gets enjoyment from reading cookbooks. And if I can actually be said to collect anything, I collect cookbooks. And right about now, I probably have 15-20 linear feet of cooking magazines. Those will be the next thing subject to the household purge in which I'm currently engaged).

Tonight, in anticipation of our first official STORMWATCH!--that annual California festival in which everyone suddenly behaves as though s/he has never seen water falling from the sky EVER--I made Sausages with French Green Lentils, though of course my lentils were whatever green lentils I found at the grocery, and I sincerely doubt they had any sort of pedigree, let alone "French." Still, it was a hearty and warming meal, and everyone, including the teen and preteen voted it "make again." And for what it's worth, I cooked the sausages in Sauvignon Blanc, even though we ended up finishing a bottle of Riesling with the meal (which was actually quite good). It was also a reasonably unfussy meal for a week when we're all going to be cooking too much anyway.

The storm that is en route keeps strengthening, and right now, the weather folks are anticipating we will receive 2.5 inches of rain here in our lovely foothills. I'm holding a good thought for those poor souls in the burn areas who are presently sandbagging like crazy. This is the terrible part--mud and debris flows after the fires.

So, only six more days of this daily blogging escapade. And that's a good thing because you really don't want to hear about thousands of empty Bionicle canisters I removed from the son's closet today. Really, you just don't.

Go listen to some good music: "Underneath the Bunker" from the album Life's Rich Pageant by REM.

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