03 November 2008

It could be sunshine

I've tried to keep quiet on tomorrow's election to the extent that's been possible.

For one thing, I know that all my friends in the U.S. are sick to death of it.

For another, about half my traffic comes from outside the U.S.

For yet another, I really try to maintain the high ground, and that's becoming increasingly difficult as this stuff wears on. And my natural optimism is being stomped on left and right not only by the election, but the global financial disaster. It angers me to read about what is happening in other countries, and how the lives of many have been so damaged by the greed of a few. And even though we're fine, the anxiety is catching, so much so that I wake up at 3am in a panic, and I don't even know why.

My children are old enough this election to really take...I can't even say "an interest." They've taken ownership of this election. The daughter has been pestering me for weeks about my voter registration status.

The daughter: "Are you registered to vote in this election?"

Me: "I've been registered to vote since I was 18 and eligible, and I have voted in every single election ever held, except one."

(This is true. The only one I ever missed was a small local election in La Canada, and I think I'd just had a baby or something.)

The daughter: "But are you registered to vote in this election?"

Me: "Yes."

The daughter: "And you're voting?"

Me: "I always vote!"

The daughter: "In this election?"

Me: "YES!"

I'm beginning to wonder if she's going to walk me to the polls tomorrow.

I also had no idea that I was raising a budding activist. Not only is the daughter (who is 11, I hasten to add, and known for her shy nature) completely irate over certain propositions, she actually boycotted houses on Halloween with signs supporting what she opposes.

And I am proud of her for that. Both the kids have educated themselves as to what's at stake this year, and they've formed opinions and voiced them.

There is hope yet.

But I wasn't going to talk about the election.

So I'll turn the music up louder to drown out the annoyance.

We had rain yesterday, only a bit, with the possibility for a little more tomorrow. It's suddenly gotten cool enough that I was actually cold when I went out without a jacket this afternoon.

And so my thoughts lightly turned to autumn food: White bean and sausage stew in bread bowls (the daughter's request, and yes, I baked the bread bowls), and cherry apricot cobbler.

Later this week, if it stays cool, I'll make my favorite potato garlic soup. I suddenly seem to have about 12 pounds of potatoes floating around.

And now I really have to make lunches and come up with about 1600 words for a novel...

Go listen to some good music: "It Could Be Sunshine" from the album Express by Love and Rockets.

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