07 November 2008

Don't bring me down


I say I'm bored and opportunity totally knocks down my door.

My friend CL and I are going to go see uber-blogger Heather Armstrong in West Hollywood on Monday. I haven't been this excited to attend a meet and greet since I was utterly tongue-tied in Vegas in July 2007.

And I'm totally going to wear my Birkenstocks!

(No, I'm not, but I had to say it.)

To think that I was sure this would be one of those totally, utterly mundane days where I had to fight with the cashier at the grocery store for every single thing that was supposed to be on sale and blog about it. I mean, I ask you...tofu is advertised 4 for $5.00 and they have the nerve to charge me $1.69, and then neglect to give me my 20% Friday discount on frozen pizza.

Between Dooce, Trans-Siberian Orchestra (spouse's birthday present), Coldplay and Thanksgiving, I might make it out of this month alive.

Go listen to some good music: "Don't Bring Me Down" from the album Live from Soho by The New P*rnographers.

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