15 November 2008

California burnin'

Well, I'm not going to let such a little thing as thousands of acres on fire keep me from finishing NaBloPoMo this year. I haven't lost power or Internet yet but because power stations have been burned up, we're under conservation orders and subject to rolling blackouts.

Oh yeah, it's hot, too. Nearly 90F, as it was yesterday.


Last night, just after dinner, the phone suddenly rang. It was a recording that identified itself as "alertoc." My heart stopped (in my case, that's actually pretty literal), but it finally went on to tell me that it was a test. Oh. They were testing the telephone emergency alert system.

Then, we got a call from a friend a couple of hours ago that there was a significant fire within 2 miles, right around the place that OCFD stopped the Santiago Canyon fire on our end last year. We've never been able to work out if there actually was a fire there; we think he saw the smoke from Yorba Linda, about 10 miles north. And in Yorba Linda, it's bad, burning so fast, it went from nasty plume to major firestorm in a couple of short hours.

But Sylmar is simply ungodly. It's very hard to watch firefighters tear up when they're being interviewed.

Even as I sit here typing this, the Yorba Linda fire has jumped the 91 freeway at the 241 toll road. The son was supposed to go hang with friends tonight and play on the Xbox. I just checked the friend's address on the map; his home is sitting right in the middle of the newest evacuation area announced.

Go listen to some music: "California Dreamin'" from the album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears by The Mamas and the Papas.

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