14 October 2008

I love rock n' roll

This had me laughing out loud:

Don't let another day go by without patting yourself on the back for being the incredible person you are, dear Gemini. It could be that you are constantly striving for perfection, but never satisfied with all the work you've done and the person you really are. Remember that the cleanliness of your house is not a reflection of the cleanliness of your soul. Give yourself a break.

Damn straight. A clean soul is better than a clean toilet any day.

I don't know why my horoscope shows up on my browser every morning, but it's always random as can be.

Now, down to business:

Bless you, Sarasota, for making me laugh at 6:30 in the morning.

Google image search: "what to wear to a rock concert."

Seeking fashion advice from the woman who hates to shop and has no fashion sense. Yikes!

Over the last couple of weeks, more came here searching for the same thing...

I'm a middle-aged mother. Who strives for appropriate. Full coverage, preferably without panty lines.

I am also practical. Rock concerts can be messy.

(I don't think I'm going to elaborate on "messy." Just search the blog for "beer." I've been blessed that it's been nothing worse, and even had a 10 concert run where nothing was spilled on me. But that's balanced by a very memorable night involving a Hummer limo for transportation to and from a concert...oh, man. I'm sure I don't even have to say that I don't drink alcohol in any form at these things.)

So, jeans, shirt, boots. That's my uniform. A sweater if it's cold; sleeveless tee if it's boiling (let's hear it for the Eddie Bauer Essential Crewneck Sleeveless Tee in red and black! They're indestructible and inexpensive). My favorite jeans this last round were NYDJ skinny jeans in black and Joe's Jeans, Honey fit, Gigi wash (yup, the infamous they'll-stay-in-my-closet-forever jeans). Everything machine washable, except the boots, which are leather and can be cleaned, too.

Then there's the lipstick. I generally don't carry a purse of any sort, but I always carry my lipstick. Laura Mercier Stickgloss in Baked Earth.

And there you have it. What the not-exactly-fashionable but very pragmatic woman wears to a rock concert.

When I'm traveling, I pack an extra plastic bag for whatever I wore to the concert. Nothing like stale beer wafting out of one's carry-on during a TSA inspection. Even better when one's leaving a foreign country!

(You know, I have this whole thing down to a science. I can find my way through John Wayne asleep. Which is why I can't figure out why I'm reluctant to make the trek to Dallas even though I found a great ticket for face...)

Now, if you want to know how to get a ticket to a rock concert...that's where the fun begins.

Talk about random...

Go listen to some good music: "I Love Rock n'Roll" from the album I Love Rock n'Roll by Joan Jett.

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