24 October 2008

Half the world

Music wars!

My neighbor is blasting some old disc with people yodeling in a garlicky language (ok, I know damn well what it is, but so what?), and I am retaliating with Vapor Trails. It goes to 65 on the Bose system in my bedroom.

The word of the day: feisty.

I'm not a political blogger, never have been and have no interest in being one.

I am, however, a woman, an investor, a taxpayer, a mother of a son and daughter.

And this election matters to me.

(Yeah, so this is my opinion. Your mileage may vary. But remember that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear).

What is wrong with people? I've never seen an election that was so acrimonious at the voter level. People are polarized on every issue. Common sense, common courtesy are out the window.

(No, I am not voting in favor of legislating the ability of egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs and veal to stretch their legs (wings, whatever). Not because I'm cruel but because the proposition is asinine. PEOPLE! Vote with your buying dollar! If you want animals to be raised humanely, then only buy from producers that treat animals humanely. You can easily find lists of those who do. Buy their products!)

There was never much chance that I'd vote for John McCain. I lived in Arizona for a long time, and while I honor McCain for his service to the country, it doesn't make him presidential material. He endured things as a prisoner of war that no human anywhere should ever be asked to endure. While I also respect him for enduring what he did, I don't see him as the leader this nation needs.

Keating Five, seeming inability to control his tantrums (perfect behavior for a world leader!) and Sarah Palin. What's to love?

Whether or not McCain was the most reprehensible of the Keating Five, I don't know. I was pretty disgusted with all of them, but probably most disappointed with Dennis DeConcini, someone known to me from childhood, someone with whom I'd shared family dinner at his home when I was the same age as my daughter is now. And while McCain may have been cleared of everything but "poor judgment," is this the person you want leading the country? Especially now? I don't.

The temper issue pretty much speaks for itself. It's embarrassing to watch him lose control.

Sarah Palin. I'm not sure what it is about her that offends me the most. That she'll stoop to using her children for her own gain; that she's demonstrated a startling lack of understanding in what states have the authority to mandate versus what the Federal government determines; that she is apparently unable to differentiate between "private" worship of God and attempting to turn the U.S. into a theocracy (same cite). That she has little understanding of the job of vice president? We won't even discuss her foreign policy "experience."

But really, the worst? She's an embarrassment, too, and I don't want her representing me to the rest of the world. I don't see anything about her that I can hold up for my daughter and say, yeah, this is what you want to be like. I was railing to the spouse the other night that I. WOULD. LIKE. TO. SEE. A. REAL. ROLE. MODEL. FOR. MY. DAUGHTER. IN. POLITICS.

(The daughter, of course, appeared at that exact moment and chirped happily, "You mean someone like you, Mommy?")

On the other side of the ticket:

Barack Obama. He's really kind of a non-starter for me. There just seems to be a lack of substance, not one thing I can really sink my teeth into and say, yeah, this is the guy for me. Or yeah, this *isn't* the guy for me. I like his wife, though, and I wish she was running. She reminds me a lot of me, though she needs to lose the potato sacks. Oh, wait, I'm guilty of potato sacks, too (beat you to it, D.).

And Joe Biden. EWWWW. Just EWWWWW. Exactly how strongly can I say EWWWWWWWW?

I've been telling people I'm sitting on the fence with regards to the election, which wasn't strictly true. I was sitting on the fence about who I was going to write in on my ballot: real person vs. dead cat. But I had two conversations last week, both with women in their 70s, and both those women offended me so deeply with what they said about the election, that I changed my mind about how I'm voting.

But I'm worried. We are living in very scary times right now.

Go listen to some good music: "Half the World" from the album Test for Echo by Rush.

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