01 October 2008

Calling all angels (again!)

And so we've arrived at October.

And the first game of the ALDS for the Angels.

We talked about getting tickets, but given the fact the Angels are facing off against Boston, we are...nervous. So, we're holding out for the ALCS. If there is an ALCS in the Angels' future this year. (I've been an Angels fan for too long to assume anything about the team. I love them; I have my favorite players, but...I'm also a pragmatist. Or is it a realist? There was an interesting article recently in the Wall St. Journal that I didn't completely agree with, but this particular quote hit home: "'No Angels fan should take anything for granted,' says Mat Gleason, who runs the Angels blog Halos Heaven. 'I've been following this team for far too long.'" You and me both, man.)

Of course, all the local papers have been running all sorts of stuff about the upcoming series. This underscores why I rarely eat at Angels Stadium. Well, that and the rats. Nine innings and a bottle of water and I'm good. (Full disclosure: if I'm going to eat anything, it's an Italian sausage or brat from the Sausage Haus. With no stuff on it, and I don't even eat the bun because it's disgusting. But I have to be pretty hungry. And I'm still not even entertaining the idea of food at this point.)

Do I want the Angels to win? You bet. Do I think they will? I think they can, which is different from thinking they will.

I'd be so happy to see them in the World Series again.

Go listen to some music: "Calling All Angels" from the album My Private Nation by Train.

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