30 September 2008

You'll never know what hit you

I'm at the point where my stomach is sort of demanding food while my brain is still saying: "NEVER. EATING. AGAIN."


I only have half the plague that everyone else had last winter (with all the nausea, thanks), and of course, I haven't stocked up for winter yet. So the bottle of Coke I pulled out of the pantry had a sell-by date of March 31. Yes, last March 31. We don't drink a lot of soda around here.

I just made myself a bowl of soup and it's sitting on the counter. I simply don't have the fortitude to face it. I may need another nap.

I never really watch TV, so it's only on days like today, when I am completely immobile, that I discover what I am paying for with that cable bill. Geez.

Although, by chance I discovered that VH1 was playing Rush all day. Which sounded great until the food commercials started...

People eat that stuff?


I think I'll just leave the soup on the counter for the cat and go back to bed now.


Okay, it was worth braving the gag-inducing taco ads to see "Far Cry" and "The Spirit of Radio" off the S&A DVD that's coming out in November. And who in hell is that guy screaming about the fabric glue? I really do miss out, don't I?

Go listen to some good music: "I Want You" from the album Savage Garden by Savage Garden.

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