26 September 2008

Dancing queen

Tonight, in one of those sacred rites of passage, the daughter went to her first school dance.

She came home hot, sweaty and beaming--she danced with boys, and she had fun.

She danced with boys. Completely unselfconscious, she had no difficulty asking them to dance.

On the way home this evening, she regaled me with the evening's doings: Mr. H., her history teacher and the crush of her life, had been chaperoning. Her friend AC locked herself in a stall in the girls' restroom for half the evening because she has a terrible crush on LN, and heaven forbid she should ask him to dance. The daughter's dear (male) friend AR ran away from her all evening.

"Why?" I inquired, wondering if there was a problem beyond the expected.

"Well, everyone said he wanted to dance with me and that's why. But that's dumb because he's my friend," she said.

"And he wanted to dance with you," I explained. "Friendship becomes very confusing right about now."

She sighed. "But that's dumb."

"That," I told her, "is life."

While the daughter was dancing the night away, I took the son out to dinner. We went to the local microbrewery and watched some baseball, and chatted about school and classmates and the odd men behind me who were playing a tattoo on their cutlery. I finally caught on to the fact that the boy has a crush on the lovely blonde woman who is frequently our server. She is personable and very sweet and extremely pretty. The kid has always had good taste in women.

"Leave her an extra couple of bucks tip, Mom," he whispered when I was tallying the bill. I had to laugh. I'd already left her a handsome gratuity.

"Satisfied?" I asked, waving the slip under his nose.

"Ok," he grinned.

Then he and I went home and played Halo for a bit. On legendary, of course.

"Didja have fun?" he grunted at the daughter when she and I walked in later.

"Yes!" she trilled.

"She danced with boys," I explained.

"I can't wait until the next dance," she sighed.

"Cool," said the son, eyes gleaming at the prospect of another evening of dinner and Halo.

Go listen to some good music: "Dancing Queen" from the album Gold - Greatest Hits by ABBA.

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