21 August 2008

Weird fishes / Arpeggi

Everyone who has heard the kayaking story assures me I was moments from death. Even my massage therapist, a normally very sanguine and calm woman, was poking at knots in my back last week, shrieking, "This...this!...is because your body thought you were going to die!"

Really, I didn't and I wasn't.

Though I'm grateful that I didn't know orcas were a possibility until afterwards.

But truthfully? I'd do it again (as long as there were still no whales).

And maybe that's why I like this photo. Everyone looks very relaxed (even the dead fish drying on the rack); there is no sign of a life and death struggle with the elements (except the dead fish, of course). Probably because despite the chaos, we'd all had a lot of fun (though not the fish, I'm sure).

Every misadventure...

Go listen to some good music: "Weird fishes/Arpeggi" from the album In Rainbows by Radiohead.

I was crazy not to follow
But I didn't escape
I stayed; I'm still here
I'm sorry

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