20 August 2008

Stand me up at the gates of hell...

but I won't back down.

I will, however, back up.

After 10 minutes of chitchat with a very nice tech, Gateway is sending me a new monitor to replace my evidently dead one.

Assuming the new monitor works, and Gateway doesn't charge my credit card, my faith in them could be restored.

Then again, I did spend the entire day, doing every possible diagnostic to my computer to troubleshoot the problem, while being chased around by the a/c maintenance guy (yes, him again. He is so nice, but he is always trying to sell me something. Then he puts freon in the system or takes freon out of the system. It's like, DUDE! Check the filter, check the compressor and go away! He's just so nice...I don't have it in my heart to be mean to him). So, I'm sort of a sweaty ball of rage (I've missed my workouts two days in a row. I spent all day yesterday buying back to school stuff--GAH!--and making recalcitrant children try on new uniform pieces and freaking out about the son's high school schedule).

And, the 'hood is apparently going to be on TV. I'm a bit...er...freaked out about that, too. Of course, one of the neighbors and I were standing out in the middle of the street, laughing about it when TV show host and entourage drove by, waving. They're invading the place for a couple of days.

Hmm, I guess I could mow the lawn in my bathing suit tomorrow...


Go listen to some good music: "I Won't Back Down" from the album Greatest Hits by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

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