08 July 2008

Life in technicolor

A thought occurs to me.

"I'm going kayaking in a couple of weeks," I say to the spouse.

"Yes," he replies, gravely, "you are."

I chew reflectively on the end of my thumb.

"I probably need a bathing suit for kayaking," I muse, thinking that kayaking somewhere near the North Pole no doubt requires something a little warmer than a bathing suit. Like maybe a deep sea diving suit.

"Yes, that would be a good idea," he says, patiently.

"I don't have a bathing suit."

He sighs. "You live in Southern California. I think you can probably buy a bathing suit in the next couple of days."

I think I'd rather try on bras.

Go listen to some good music: "Life in Technicolor" from the album Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

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