11 July 2008

The electric version

New Hampshire:

I arrived last night after a long day of flying. FedEx pilots and others on the shuttle to the hotel (seems familiar).

The driver is a nice older man who welcomes me to New Hampshire 3 or 4 times.

I thank him each time.

Finally, he asks, "Have you been here before?"

I smile. "Oh, yes."

I get to the hotel room, and D. greets me, and we fall into giggles more suited to high schoolers. Catch up on what has transpired since we last saw each other (Oklahoma), and then go to dinner.

Over wine, we laugh and laugh and laugh.

Then laugh some more.

"I have a plan," she says. "When this is over, we start going to Angels games at all the major league parks in the country."

Now that's a plan.

Because New Hampshire is it for me. I've come full circle in more ways than one.

"Hey," said the spouse before I left. "At least I get my wife back."

Maybe. But if there are baseball games to be watched...

The genie got out of the bottle some time ago (in New Hampshire, fittingly enough), and there is just no putting her back.

Go listen to some music: "The Electric Version" from the album Electric Version by The New P*rnographers.

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