08 June 2008

Take me out to the ballgame (again)

Nice story out of Kansas City this week (as if I needed yet another reason to admire the man).

I love stuff like this because I love history, because I love to know everything (not that you've ever heard me say that before), because I believe that you can't know everything until you understand all the roads that lead to where you are today. Remember, I'm the one who cooks literary meals to understand language and culture. In this context, though, it also means you need to see spring training, you need to go to minor league games, high school games (that's a good memory: reading my way through David Copperfield the spring of my sophomore year of high school--at the school baseball games), college games. It also means peanuts.

But that's me.

And apropos of nothing, I saw mom western bluebird with a juvenile in the backyard today...my much coveted western bluebirds. I can only wonder where the nest is since my nesting box came down in a storm earlier in the year. But...western bluebirds! Finally!

Go sing a good song: "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" lyrics by Jack Norworth, music by Albert Von Tilzer.

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