23 June 2008

Senses working overtime

In a moment of madness, or softheartedness, or softheadedness, I took on some work.

On the face of it, not a big deal; I've done this sort of work before.

Unfortunately, the issue at hand is something about which I have pretty strong opinions. That makes the job a little less easy.

The essentials of my work have largely been the same throughout my career: writing, editing, research, data analysis. Occasionally, other things creep in there for spice, like budgeting or playing IT person, but largely I stick to what I like. The arenas in which I've worked have been fairly fluid: universities, the entertainment industry, the sciences, which is what keeps things fresh.

And I've gotten serious about heading back to real work come the fall. I don't know what it will be, but I'm pretty sure that disaster won't figure into the picture. At least not the real world variety. It tends to break my heart.

Sometimes, it really pisses me off.

...I was held from the rooftop when they let go...


Last night, I dreamed I was once again running through featureless corridors, full of closed doors, up and down stairs, all on official business of some sort, and into areas that looked crazily like a college dorm. On and on, not really knowing where I was but on a mission.

If I'm not dreaming about roads and airports, I'm dreaming about being lost.

Such a surprise that I travel even in my sleep.

Go listen to some good music: "Senses Working Overtime" from the album English Settlement by XTC.

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