25 June 2008

Let me go

One of the numerous alumni magazines we receive turned up in the mail today, and I thumbed through it quickly, bypassing the articles in favor of the alum news. The spouse's class was one of those featured, the notes written by someone I also know from working at Big Entertainment Company.

He mentioned going on The Reunion Diet.

I'd forgotten. The spouse's class reunion is this summer. And it's a big one.

We tend to completely ignore reunions. Actually, we tend to completely ignore the colleges we graduated from. Our undergraduate alma mater has been so befouled by fiscal corruption and politics to which we don't adhere that we've completely written it off.

(And of course, I wrote them a long letter telling them exactly why we don't call, write, visit or send them any money.)

Still, they deliver regular dispatches to us.

And we ignore them.

I generally don't even recognize the names of half of the people who contribute information to the class notes. I worked my way through college, was pretty selective in my choice of friends, and only lived on campus for a year, eschewing the expensive, egregious Student Union food (I've never seen so much celery in my life) for the far healthier and cheaper fare I cooked in a tiny apartment.

(It's funny that the alum magazine turned up today, because I was thinking about my freshman year this morning. Orange County has apparently been named the "Bank Robbery Capital of the World"--take it with a grain of salt, though, since the reporting comes from the local rag. I worked at an L.A. bank as a teller my freshman year of college, and my last day of work before summer vacation, we were robbed. It was very quiet and non-violent and unnerving as hell. Not to mention the end of any banking career I might have considered.)

My friend SA talked me into going to a cocktail party for our 10th college reunion. He opined that everyone would be dead before we reached our 25th (we haven't gotten there yet, but it's already clear that he wasn't entirely wrong on that front), so the 10th would be our last opportunity to see anyone we cared about.

Besides SA, there wasn't anyone there from my class I really cared about. We agreed that we were both incredibly bored, as was the spouse who was with me, so we left to seek out a more congenial place to hang out together. SA and I are quite similar in that, yeah, we had fun in college, but neither of us consider those the best years of our lives, as so many others seem to. Good years, sure, but I like every year to be the best one of my life.

I wondered briefly, reading about BB's failed Reunion Diet, when the big day is, and suddenly realized it was this coming weekend.

I'll be gone, of course. Of course! Because I'm out there making this the best year of my life. One of many, anyway, and only until I start the process again next year.

And besides the spouse and BB, I wouldn't recognize anyone there. And the college would just ask for money. Again.

Go listen to some good music: "Let Me Go" from the album The Best of Heaven 17 by Heaven 17.

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