20 June 2008

Hot hot hot

Hullo. It's the first day of summer (well, almost. I think here in California we actually have a few more hours before the true solstice). It's hot.

Say it all together now:

I'm bored!

The son is quite good at entertaining himself. Video games (2-hour time limit; I'm such a mean mom), books, Legos, he's pretty happy. Oh and I forgot: harassing me regularly with trivia from Star Trek. Harassing me is probably the best part of his day.



"Do you remember [fill in random Klingon or Romulan or Blue Bobblehead Alien name]?"


"MOM! [He, She, It] was in Next Gen."


"You know. [He, She, It] was [performing random activity] with [crew member name]."


"MOM! Are you listening to me? You don't remember what happened in [episode name from one of interminable number of Star Trek offshoots]."

"Well, no, not really."


What I am doing at this point is regretting that I ever allowed him to watch TV.

I'm not much of a TV watcher. People think I'm proud of this fact, that I feel superior for not really watching TV shows, but that's not the case. It just bores me for the most part.

And I can't stand to be bored.

Movies are a different matter altogether, and in the first week of summer vacation, I have instituted movie time after lunch. So far, the kids and I have watched Cloverfield, Dark City, and Oceans 13 this week.

What I really want to show them? The original Blob movie. I think I was 6 or 7 when I saw it at the afternoon summer rec program and it scared the hell out of me. Now that is summer entertainment.

"I'm bored!" the daughter wailed the third day of summer vacation, which happened to be Monday.

She was immediately sentenced to cleaning out her closet. I have been conducting a purge of Stalinesque proportions on the junk that has accumulated in the house: old books and toys, outgrown shoes, weird kitchen gadgets that have been given to me. I know I should sell it on Ebay, or have a garage sale, but the nice people from AmVets are going to be in the neighborhood next week and they can take all this stuff away so other nice people who can actually use it can have it.

And then we'll all have to find some new entertainment.

Oh, why look at the thermometer:


Sounds like margaritas in about an hour.

Happy first day of summer!

Go listen to some music: "Hot Hot Hot" from the EP Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter.

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