10 June 2008

Don't stop

Clearly, Hillary Clinton supporters just don't get it.

I don't care that she's a woman. I do care that, yes, she's another Clinton, that I had 8 years to watch her in action in the White House and didn't like what I saw, that she spent her campaign misrepresenting her experience (just another Clinton, folks!), that like so many of her generation, her idea of being "strong" is really just being strident.

Would I like to see a woman in the White House? You bet! But I want to see the right woman, a woman who really represents what I believe in (like, oh I don't know...integrity? Honesty? A commitment to doing what's right rather than what's expedient?). Had I voted for Clinton because of her gender and had she succeeded, it would have been a Pyrrhic victory.

Do women still face bias? Of course. I've seen it in every single job I've ever held; I saw it when I was subjected to harrassment as an intern at a Fortune 500 company. But women like Hillary Clinton are going to have to wake up and realize that the methods they've tried to employ to deal with bias don't work.

Am I thrilled with Obama? Not exactly. Am I thrilled with McCain? Not at all. Casting a vote in November is going to require a great deal of soul searching.

But am I ever going to cast a vote for a woman solely because she's a woman? Not ever. Gender bias cuts both ways, and I won't play that game.

Go listen to some good music: "Don't Stop" from the album Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.

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