07 May 2008

Working in a coal mine

Ah, the smell of roasting chicken. Thyme and rosemary are so fragrant (especially when you're not standing in the latter). Mashed potatoes and gravy and fresh asparagus. Perfect meal for a week when we are having absolutely rotten weather.

Good afternoon, regular readers.

And hello to those of you who drop by on random searches...

So, about those random searches:

I have not yet been able to convince those looking for dessert that I don't even like fr0zen y0gurt (misspelling intentional to prevent dragging more people in here looking for *that* place in the Northwest). You lot are indefatigable! Or very hungry.

(BTW, you can have your weather back. Cold, I can live with; damp and fog I cannot abide. And dessert here tonight is Lime Coconut Cake with Lime Curd. Just in case you were wondering.)

Anyway, that search result is explainable if unfortunate (have I fessed up yet that the "M" word involved is the cat's middle name? Yes, the cat has a middle name. I borrowed it from a dentist in Tucson because the cat needed an airline ticket...)

But back to the random searches. I've got a real mystery now.

Why are so many people suddenly showing up to look at this photo? Three very large trucks dwarfing two men at twilight on the edge of an open pit coal mine. It's not a very good photo because the light was low and I took it with a fairly pedestrian point-and-shoot Canon digital camera. Even the composition is off. But for the last two weeks, people have been coming from all over the world to look at it. They're coming off Google image search. The thumbnail doesn't even show up on the first page.

What is the attraction?

It's not that I mind that people are looking at it; obviously I'm aware that blogging is a very public activity. I am just mystified and wildly curious. So, please, someone take pity on me, and if you've wandered in to have a look, would you kindly drop me a comment to tell me why this photo is so fascinating?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Which would be me playing the live version of "Digital Man" for about the 6 millionth time.

Go listen to some good music: "Working in a Coal Mine" from the album Devo: Greatest Hits by Devo.

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