16 May 2008

Use it up

This has been one of those difficult weeks. My computer went into a tailspin, and I spent two days fixing it. The daughter is dealing with 'tween girl drama, and the absence of her much loved brother. And splattering herself on the hard top today playing, needing bandages on elbows and knees. The spouse has been out in the field, and because disaster reigns in certain parts of world right now, frantic phone calls and emails have been flying, creating huge amounts of stress.

The son is gone, and he calls me every night and says, "Oh, it was a fun day. I wish I was at home."

Not very heartening.

And some other decisions had to be made, and much discussion ensued with third parties, and choices were made and plugs were pulled. And I think everyone feels relieved, though the choices were hard and painful. I feel like I've explored enough Sturm und Drang here for one week, so if the details seem important later, maybe I'll write about it. Right now, just enough.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that my birthday is next week, and I had to wonder where did that year go? Next something nice happened, and once again, I find that I will be embarking on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, headed out for yet another adventure.

Because I am possessed.

And far too tired and just a bit sad.

But tomorrow, I chaperone a field trip! The last time I went on this field trip, there were flying earwigs. And it will be about 100F. But it was so important to the daughter because I did it for the son.

Then the son comes home, and then there is Seminar Day (the most important part of Seminar Day is the donuts--just ask Grandad--and we carefully choose the talk we attend after lunch because everyone naps) and then (maybe?) sleep. Then a new week.

Ready for adventure. And whatever comes our way.

Go listen to some good music: "Use It Up" from the album In Violet Light by The Tragically Hip.

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