17 May 2008

Livin' on the edge

A small glimpse into our weird world:

Me, noting the spouse is wearing field clothes: "You're heading down south."

The spouse: "Yeah, they chased us out of the trench yesterday because it looked like it was going to collapse."

Me, ironically: "Goody."

I spend a great deal of time not thinking about what the spouse is doing, often hundreds of feet underground.

The spouse: "I forgot to tell you that I got an email yesterday. Apparently the head honcho is over in Asia..."

Me, with a sigh: "The earthquake."

The spouse: "Yeah, and he was asking for assistance..."

Me, spluttering through a mouthful of coffee: "No. NO. NO!"

The spouse, holding up his hands in a defensive gesture: "Not to worry, I've got too much going on..."

Me: "Yeah!" and I start listing all the cases he's working on, two of which are huge, emotional, and very high profile.

The spouse: "And anyway, two other people stepped up immediately..."

Me: "Well, here's your hole card: 'Sorry, but my wife is chasing a rock band around North America and I have to stay home with the kids.'"

The spouse, brightening: "Hey, I like that."

Not that he likes my itinerary; he likes being able to blame his inability to drop everything on my antics.

The spouse: "Ok, well I'm off to go stand in my sewer trench..."

Me: "SEWER TRENCH? You didn't tell me you were in a sewer trench. You mean that stuff you put in the washing machine yesterday was in a sewer trench?"

The spouse, sheepishly: "Well...yeah. I didn't tell you? Sorry."

Me: "GAH!"

Go listen to some music: "Livin' on the Edge" from the album Big Ones by Aerosmith.

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