30 May 2008

Five miles out

The son found out today during class announcements that he had been named valedictorian. I think he's thrilled, though he's having a little trouble admitting it.

(In some ways, I wish he wasn't so like me).

It was a slightly sad footnote, though, that when I went to pick him up, everyone was congratulating me, and adding as a second thought, "oh, and congratulations to K., too!"

"This is his accomplishment," I told everyone, gently. "He's worked very hard and this is his reward."

I guess it's a symptom of what parents see as their investment in their children, but I'm not taking any credit here. Yes, I did raise him to work hard; yes, he is a reflection of his parents; yes, I gave him a million pep talks (periodically sprinkled with "and if you don't, you'll lose your Xbox time for the rest of your life!"), but it's been his choice to approach his work and his projects and his extracurricular activities with the tenacity and dedication that he has.

And I'm incredibly proud of the amazing boy he is.

But he earned the honor of being valedictorian, not me. This is his. 100%.

Now, that said, when the kids have huge projects, we do lend a helping hand, though generally not much of one.

State Fair, in which the daughter is involved, is a huge project, that culminates in the child generating a carnival style booth representing a state, complete with carnival style game. The carnival is tomorrow (of course!).

And you bet it's a nightmare.

The daughter has written the 10-page paper, and she drew up the specifications for her booth. Other than buying what she needed, and helping her to set it up and tear it down tomorrow, my involvement has been limited to one thing.

Painting the peach tree for her game today.

(and only because I was the papier mache queen for the hoodoos we made for the son's game, three years ago).

I cannot draw or paint to save my life, but this is recognizably a tree. I'm a little thrilled.

Then, of course, there is the matter of the four dozen cupcakes I produced today.

No pretensions to Madame Stewart; just good honest cupcakes.

And then there's...

Not to mention...

In addition to...

And all that.

Go listen to some good music: "Five Miles Out" from the album Five Miles Out by Mike Oldfield.

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