09 May 2008

Concert hall!

So this is what happened:

Last Sunday, I started thinking...

Wow! It's been 3 days since I've seen a concert, and they're going to be playing somewhere I don't have to get on a plane.

Namely Los Angeles.

I'd decided when tickets went on sale that I was not going to Los Angeles.

Because it's LOS ANGELES.

On a school night.

(Before I got old and boring and tired and married and had children and when I actually lived in Los Angeles, I spent half the week at the Greek Theater, the Forum, the Sports Arena, Universal Amphitheater, the Palace, the Palladium, Club Lingerie, Irvine Meadows, Pacific Amphitheater. Now, however, I'm old and boring and tired and incredibly intolerant of traffic).

So I settled on tickets to Irvine, because I love Irvine Meadows and the spouse will actually go there with me.

(He's never forgiven me for dragging him to the Hollywood Bowl on a school night in 2004. And it was...quite a trip. But I think it was a wash because I also let him go to Red Rocks with me in 2004. And that was a really good trip. He still talks about it.)

Anyway, Los Angeles. School night.

So I started poking around to see what sort of tickets were available, and found a possibility.

And I said to the spouse: "Thursday?"

And he wailed: "WHERE?"

And I said: "Los Angeles."

And he said: "I wish I had your..."

And I helpfully supplied: "Tenacity?"

And he just shook his head: "You are a force of nature."

Which was not a compliment.

But I rather liked it anyway.

So, the ticket fell through, and I was annoyed, but philosophical.

Until about 1:45 yesterday afternoon. Just for the heck of it, I checked Ticketmaster.

Row QQ, House Left Center.

Um, no.

Search again.

Row 3, Pit.

Alrighty then.

(No, I was in no way that sanguine. Rather a lot of noise accompanied that find.)

Okay, I wrote all that when I got home last night, a bit after midnight, and right now, operating on only a couple hours sleep (like that's unusual), with a million other things demanding my attention, all I can say is:

DAMN! That was fun!

Go listen to some good music: "The Spirit of Radio" from the album Permanent Waves by Rush.

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