24 May 2008

Cantus inaequalis

So, I wrote about the sweetest moment of my recent travels. The most maddening?

Coming down with something horrid and grossly viral sometime between Wednesday and Thursday. And true to typical cold viruses, I felt rotten on Thursday, awful on Friday, and I feel like death on toast today.

(It's got to be bad if I can't even remember how to sign in to Blogger.)

I knew something was up when, after a half day of wandering around St. Paul on Wednesday, I fell asleep at 5pm, and slept almost non-stop until the following morning, and at 9am, still didn't want to get out of bed. But I did and visited St. Paul some more.

(I liked St. Paul. I wish I'd made it into Minneapolis proper; there is a bookstore I'd hoped to visit, and I had the idea of going to a ball game. A number of the Twins players live in our area during the off-season, so it would sort of be like going to see the neighbors play. This is a place I'll have to revisit with a bit more time to spare because there is a great deal of natural beauty and some cool glacial features, not to mention an unexpected richness in architectural interest. I spent some time wandering along the river in both Moline and St. Paul. Next time, I'm renting a bike so I can cover more ground!)

Anyway, then I went back to sleep.

I thought it was just allergies and took an antihistamine. St. Paul was in full and lovely bloom ("You got here just in time to see the crab apple flowering," an elderly docent at the science museum told me. One forgets that it isn't perpetual non-weather in the rest of the world, that there are seasons elsewhere), and there were little white fluffs floating merrily in the air, everywhere.

Came time to go to the concert. The show was so completely entertaining that I felt better for awhile.

Then I had to get packed up and ready to vacate the hotel at 4:30 am for a very early flight home. It was about then that I realized I wasn't fevered from all the fire on the stage, I actually had a fever.

I slept on the plane--inconceivable!

I'm just grateful it's a cold and not stomach-related. I'll take the date with the bottle of Nyquil over the other any day of the week.

Go listen to some music: "Cantus Inaequalis" from the album Songs of Sanctuary by Adiemus.

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