04 April 2008

The sound of silence

Wasn't it great?

Well, it was for me.

Then I started getting cranky emails.

"Write, dammit," one ordered.

"That wasn't you quitting, was it?" one asked.

Ok, sorry.

Remember I mentioned that April was FULL? Wasn't kidding!

Of the many things going on, social and school and work, the daughter has been invited to a birthday party and is to be dressed as her favorite celebrity. The problem is that we aren't big on celebrity around here, and although the kids have access to the kids' cable channels, they don't watch them. We watch little television as a general rule and only occasionally go to the movies.* So this has been a bit of a stretch. Since the daughter has been avidly watching HBO's John Adams, I suggested that she go as Paul Giamatti, but she demurred.

And once again, the kids are helpfully out of school today. So one of them appears at my elbow approximately every 4.3 minutes with a request, complaint about the other, or random observation on the state of the world. Some days I wonder why we even pretend they go to school because they always seem to be here.

I think I'll go lock myself in a closet and scream for a few minutes.

*I took them to see The Spiderwick Chronicles last weekend at the IMAX theater. It was ok, but the most notable part of the outing was the preview for the Rolling Stones movie, Shine a Light. A 65-ft. tall Keith Richards may be the most terrifying image I've ever seen. I believe the daughter is scarred for life.

And another random aside: I bought REM's new album Accelerate yesterday.




This is the REM that reached out and grabbed me by the ear 25 years ago. Nice to hear you again, boys!

Go listen to some good music: "The Sound of Silence" from the album Sounds of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.

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