30 April 2008


The son: "Mom, I have a project..."

Me: "No."

The son: "What?"

Me: "I've banned that word from common usage."

The son: "But..."

Me: "No."

The son: "But..."

Me: "NO."

The daughter: "But Mommy, does that mean you won't let me do State Fair? Because Mr. W. will be really mad."

Me: "Is it a project?"

The daughter: "You know what State Fair is! We did it with K."

I glare steely-eyed.

The daughter, a light bulb going off: "No."

Me: "Then you can do it."

The daughter audibly exhales.

The son: "Mom, I need to go to R.'s house to work on our pro..."

Me: "No."

Go listen to some good music: "School" from the album Crime of the Century by Supertramp.

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