27 April 2008

Hydra, pt. 2

You know the legend of the Hydra, right? You get rid of one head and two grow back in its place.

The son is going to the State science fair--2nd place in Social Sciences, so ribbons and gift cards.


Really, I thought the subject matter alone would make everyone laugh and mutter under their breath, "what was he thinking?"

No such luck.

Other than that, I'm home.

I'm catatonic with exhaustion because I just couldn't sleep last night, and then there were taxis and planes and planes and taxis, and it was 98F when I walked out of the terminal.

At least TSA left me alone today. Flying out of San Juan, I'd forgotten there was half a bottle of water in my bag, which naturally caused tremendous consternation. On Friday, leaving JWA, it was my crystal rock deodorant: they were certain that I was, with malice aforethought, carrying a gel in my bag without declaring it.

"It's a rock," I told the woman who was gingerly inspecting the contents of my bag.

"Is there anything in here that is going to harm me?" she asked.

Well, that was alarming! The last time I looked in the mirror, I saw a perfectly normal, though slightly frazzled middle-aged mother of two, not someone who was toting a loaded tube of deodorant.

Trust me, I will never try to take chicken puppets on a plane again. That just about shut the place down.

Trying to remember why I do this to myself?

And I really believe I'm going to get on another plane this week?

I may rethink that one.

Go listen to some good music: "Hydra" from the album Hydra by Toto.

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