08 April 2008

Hit me with your best shot

Torii Hunter! Walk-off GRAND SLAM!

I admit, I was grumpy when the Angels signed him. He laughed last night at the end of the game that he's always been "the enemy" at Angels stadium.

Yeah. Just kind of. I can't think how many times I sat in the stadium and groaned when he walked up to the plate. His talent is undeniable.

But his personality really shone through on his preseason media interviews. He talked about how he's tight with the Rally Monkey, how they'd be seen around town in the malls, out getting a tan. He was so endearing that I found myself thawing a little.

Last night, though, watching him hit that grand slam, watching the joy on his face when he got to the plate and the whole team danced around him, I fell just a little in love with him in a very pure and baseball fan kind of way.

Well played, Mr. Hunter.

Go listen to some good music: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" from the album Crimes of Passion by Pat Benatar.

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